Glen Lake Camp is offering a voluntary three level program for Summer Camp pricing in order to cover the increase in operational costs of camp. Glen Lake has not increased the price of camp in 5 summers. The new program allows families to choose the most suitable level and makes it possible for Glen Lake to share the summer camp experience with as many children and youth as possible. Families select the level of payment most appropriate for their circumstances. All families will receive the same Glen Lake Camp experience no matter the level chosen.

  • SUBSIDIZED LEVEL is a partially subsidized price and covers only a portion of the true cost of operating Glen Lake Camp site and programs. This price is subsidized by generous donations from individuals and organizations to continue our camping ministry. This price is the same charged for camp for the last five years.
  • SUSTAIN LEVEL is for those who can only afford the direct cost of a week of summer camp including program costs, meals, and summer staff salary.
  • SUPPORT LEVEL covers the true cost of camp including all aspects of occupancy costs, insurance, administrative staff, and more. If you can afford to pay at this level, please do.

Again, the program is voluntary. The pricing option a family chooses remains confidential and in no way influences the experiences or services the camper receives. It offers the opportunity for families to take an active role in supporting the actual cost of their child’s camp experience and ministry of Glen Lake Camp. Additional financial assistance is available in the form of scholarships if the Subsidized Level price exceeds a family’s ability to pay for camp. The scholarship application deadline is May 1st. Information can be requested by emailing 

Week-long Camp $375 $400 $425
Trek – 2 Nights $160 $180 $200
Family Camp $110 $150 $175