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Glen Lake Volunteer Fingerprint

The Volunteer Fingerprint

If you walk around Glen Lake Camp and Retreat Center, you can see fingerprints and not just imprints on the glass or unique pattern designs left in the dirt. For all those who visit and stay, you can see touches made by thousands of volunteers who love Glen Lake and have left a fingerprint of impact on […]

November 3, 2015 Blogroll

Bishop’s Bible Camp

Bible Camp was a blast! The planning committee came together during the summer months and began the process of praying a visioning the purpose for this year’s camp. We unanimously agreed that Bible camp was a time to ignite a passion for the Bible while providing the tools to explore it. So with that in […]

Natalie Davidson, Executive Director

The Central Texas Conference of The United Methodist Church and the Glen Lake Camp and Retreat Center family announce their new Executive Director, Natalie Davidson. Bishop Lowry said, “We are delighted to have Natalie become a part of the Central Texas Conference staff as the Executive Director of Glen Lake Camp. She brings a heart […]


Gather ’round and take a seat! You don’t want to miss this! Adventures, jokes, heartwarming tales, and growth are just some of the intrigues our Summer Staffer, Alex Moore, would bring to small group, break-outs, activities and snack shack times. Best known for his fantastic story telling; Alex would share with kids young and old, stories […]

Rising from the Page

#TBT is one our favorite days. This week, we received a treasure from one of our Board members, Mr. Tom Harkrider. Tom is a member of Arborlawn United Methodist Church in Ft. Worth and while cleaning, he came across some notes and letters from his days at Overton Park United Methodist Church. 15+ years ago, he […]

Lessons Learned

Five weeks of camp down, and I can’t put into words how much Glen Lake has already made its mark on my life. Between countless dance parties, ridiculous costumes, pool parties, the best worship, and everything in between; I have learned so much about life, faith, and community. So here’s a list of just a […]

Glen Lake Legacies

Glen Lake had the distinct honor of visiting with some of our distinguished alumni, Richard and Joan Hunt. They visited Glen Lake Camp last week and jumped right into our festivities and even stopped to prune some landscaping around the Chapel. Richard and Joan shared stories of their early days at Glen Lake that began over 70 years ago! […]

How Did We End Up Here?

I’ve officially been a Glen Lake Lead Summer Staffer for one week and have loved every second of getting to know the guys and girls I will be serving alongside all summer. I think what has amazed me most, is hearing how each staffer ended up at Glen Lake. Some had been planning to work at Glen Lake their whole life and some had […]

So Much Depends on This

SO MUCH DEPENDS ON THIS! I write this in ALL CAPS because that is usually how we hear those words. They are spoken with force, passion, urgency and require a call to action. These words resonate with me on so many levels as a parent, planner, and the director of Church Relations here at Glen […]

April 21, 2015 Blogroll


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