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Best Text Ever

Today I had a meeting with our fantastic food provider, Ben E. Keith Foods. We were to meet and discuss food they are going to cook up at our Spring Golf Classic (click for details). I sent our rep a text and accidentally mistyped one number. The person who received it was very kind and let […]

family camp at Glen Lake Camp

Out of Everywhere

Have you ever heard the saying, “…then, out of nowhere!”  Here at Glen Lake Camp and Retreat Center, we experience “…then, out of EVERYWHERE!” So many people come up to us when we visit churches, schools and even online to tell us about their days at Glen Lake Camp and Retreat Center. We receive stories from EVERYWHERE! Just this […]

January 28, 2015 Blogroll

The Best Gift of All

Scripture: I John 4:7-12 I saw my niece and nephew, on Lara’s side of the family, this Thanksgiving. They both were excited to inform me that they were registered to attend a camp session at Glen Lake Camp this coming summer. We talked about that some and all the wonderful experiences one can have at […]

Love Is All There Is

Author and speaker, Gary Zukav says, “eventually you will come to understand that love heals everything, and love is all there is.” If there is any one foundational truth that defines the ministry of Glen Lake Camp it is the belief that God’s love is all there is. Our mission statement reflects the truth of […]

The Work of Camp

In a blog post of the Huffington Post written by Mickey Goodman in February of 2012 entitled “Are We Raising a Generation of Helpless Kids?” Goodman writes: “Psychologists and psychiatrists are seeing more and more young people having a quarter-life crisis and more cases of clinical depression. The reason? Young people tell them it’s because […]

praying with kids

The Work God Is Doing Here

“The Work God Is Doing Here” When I was the Chaplain at the Methodist Children’s Home I remember working with at risk kids and families there. For most of the kids we served at the Home they came from no experience of church or very little. For many of them the first time they had […]

Glen Lake Summer Camp Counselor

Surprised by God

“Surprised by God”             I read an article on the Huffington Post last week written by a college student who served as a camp counselor at camp this past summer. She said this about her experience as a summer staffer, “this past summer I decided on a whim, to give camp counseling a try. I’m […]

Glen Lake Way

The Glen Lake Camp Experience

In her book “Almost Christian,” Dr. Kenda Creasy Dean explains that many times, the Church offers nothing more than a “Moralistic Therapeutic Deism” to teens. Such an offer is severely lacking in a culture that questions everyone and everything. As the Church we are entrusted with the sacred trust of teaching and leading people to […]

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