GlenLakeCampChristmasDonationGlen Lake Camp and Retreat Center is a place of great JOY!

If you turned the letters of the word Joy into an acronym, J = Jesus, O = Others, and Y = Yourself. Our board, full time staff, summer staff, alumni, volunteers and families are ALL IN for JOY. All of us are called to share Jesus with children, youth and their families. We are called to serve others before ourselves just as Christ served His own disciples and attended to them with great care and sacrifice. Finally, we know we must look at ourselves and continue to seek God’s guidance as our faith forms while the world changes rapidly around us. We invite you to Glen Lake Camp and Retreat Center to experience JOY in a way unlike any other.

The JOY of Glen Lake is possible because we serve an amazing God, employ a mission-focused staff, benefit from great partnerships and receive gifts from our benefactors like YOU. This year we celebrated an incredible group of summer campers and returning and new groups for retreats.

Glen Lake would be blessed and honored to receive a gift to help support our programs which impact lives and develop strong Christian leaders. We believe in doing so; we can change our churches, communities, and world! As 2014 comes to a close, we need your help to make a lasting change for children and youth. Your financial commitments can grow our programs, ministries, provide scholarships, or support camp restoration and expansions.

Your donation can be made online and you can also complete the online form, print it and mail your gift. Please contact us by phone or email if you would like more information about making a gift to Glen Lake Camp and Retreat Center, are interested in learning more about our services, or would like to schedule a tour.  Contact Natalie Davidson by email at: or by phone: 254-897-2247

Mail your donation form to:
Glen Lake Camp and Retreat Center
Attn: Development and Gifts
1102 NE Barnard St.
Glen Rose, Texas 76043