Glen Lake had the distinct honor of visiting with some of our distinguished alumni, Richard and Joan Hunt. They visited Glen Lake Camp last week and jumped right into our festivities and even stopped to prune some landscaping around the Chapel.

Richard and Joan shared stories of their early days at Glen Lake that began over 70 years ago! They spoke of how God moved in each of their lives and that of their peers during their time here. Through the decades, they have stayed connected by bringing up their family with them, investing their time, resources, and skills in ways to enrich others.

Richard and Joan funded the building of our Marriage Ministry Center. This unique facility houses up to six couples in a cottage-style home with a large living and meeting area in the middle. MMC includes six rooms containing both a queen and twin bed, kitchen, white boards, tables, and comfortable sitting areas both inside and out.

Glen Lake Camp and Retreat Marriage Ministry Center Richard and Joan Hunt

Richard and Joan Hunt, advocates and alumni of Glen Lake Camp and Retreat Center share their story! Click to watch the video.

Glen Lake’s MMC provides generous accommodations for a couples to gather, stay overnight, meet and minister to each other all while experiencing the beauty and serenity of Glen Lake Camp.


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