I’ve officially been a Glen Lake Lead Summer Staffer for one week and have loved every second of getting to know the guys and girls I will be serving alongside all summer. I think what has amazed me most, is hearing how each staffer ended up at Glen Lake. Some had been planning to work at Glen Lake their whole life and some had never even heard of Glen Lake until a couple of months ago. Jordan, Katie, Abby, and Becca (shown below) all came to be a Glen Lake staffer in completely different ways- here’s a little bit of their stories:


Summer Staff 2015: Jordan, Katie, Abby, and Becca

“One of my friends was hired to be on staff in 2013, and told me that they still needed people to be a part of staff. Basically, I heard about Glen Lake, applied, and was hired all within around 40 days. And now I’m back for my second summer without a question because I’ve seen the way God changes lives through this place.” ~Jordan

“I spent all my summers growing up at Glen Lake. All of my mountaintop faith experiences happened here, mostly due to the counselors who opened up their lives to me. I still see one of my counselors at conferences every once in a while and it is so cool to see how much my faith has grown since I was in her cabin all those years ago. I’m excited to have that kind of an impact on the campers who come here this summer.” ~Katie

“I’ve been coming to Glen Lake since Second Grade, and have always wanted to be a counselor. I am actually a third-generation staffer because my parents and siblings were all on staff here. What’s really cool is that now I am the Rec Lead, the same job that my mom had way back when she was a staffer. My grandparents also have bricks on the silent trail, so I have a lot of history here.” ~Abby

“Last summer, I knew I really wanted to work at camp, but had no idea where. I went to a camp job fair, and went home with a massive stack of brochures. After going through all of them, I felt like Glen Lake was the right place, so I prayed about it and applied that afternoon. And here I am for another summer, because last summer changed my life. I made some of the best friends I’ve ever had, and learned to genuinely serve God and the people around me.” ~Becca

No matter how we were led to Glen Lake, it is so easy to see God’s provision in guiding each of us here. God is moving in our hearts and there is no doubt in my mind that He will move in the hearts of every camper who finds themselves here this summer. Bring it on!

Lead Summer Staff 2015