Author and speaker, Gary Zukav says, “eventually you will come to understand that love heals everything, and love is all there is.” If there is any one foundational truth that defines the ministry of Glen Lake Camp it is the belief that God’s love is all there is. Our mission statement reflects the truth of that in saying that the camping ministry here creates experiences where all people can encounter God’s love. In my relationship with the camp over the years I have come to know the truth of such work and ministry. God’s love is really all there ever is in life and such a truth must be the foundation of the work we do here.


The camp experience provides a unique experience of God’s love as it happens in a place surrounded by the beauty of God’s love in creation. The campus is dotted with the symbols of God’s love as crosses rise above the campus on the cliff, on the Chapel tower, and in the centerpiece of the lake. The love of God is so present here. Each morning our staff gathers on the porch of the Turner building for our morning prayer to begin our day together. As we hold hands and offer prayer for the day each of us senses that somehow in someway it will be God’s love that goes with us as we embark upon the journey of where the new day will take us. It is my favorite time of the day here at the camp.


Everything we do here is a testimony and witness to our belief that God’s love is all there is. The gift we have to offer to anyone who steps on our campus is the reality of just how present and working such love really is. As we pray for each group who comes to be with us our prayer is that they may experience the power of that love God present in this place and working to bring whatever is needed in the lives of those who come seeking.


Come and join us in such work. Please accept this as your personal invitation to come and be a part of what God is doing here among us. When was the last time you were here? Have you ever been at all? I hope you will join us soon. My prayer is that as you do you will be comforted, challenged, and graced by the present of this love of God that is seeking you out here. Because when it is all said and done, such love is all there really is.


Much grace always,

Rev. Travis Franklin, Executive Director

I John 3:1