Have you ever heard the saying, “…then, out of nowhere!”  Here at Glen Lake Camp and Retreat Center, we experience “…then, out of EVERYWHERE!”

So many people come up to us when we visit churches, schools and even online to tell us about their days at Glen Lake Camp and Retreat Center. We receive stories from EVERYWHERE! Just this week, a friend from high school reached out to me on Facebook. She had visited our website and sent a fantastic message about how she grew up at Glen Lake Camp beginning in the 3rd grade and continued all the way through her Senior year in high school.

Not only did she grow up at Glen Lake, but her parents met here and had served for many years. She shared every year, on their way to a family reunion, they would drive by the camp and their parents would relive the moment where they became engaged! To read her story brought tears to my eyes. Now with a young family of her own, she is preparing for many wonderful days ahead where her kids can also encounter God and have experiences much like her own and her parents.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Story after story comes in and it’s such a testimony to what God has done and has in store. I’ve had so many great opportunities to hear ministers share that they heard their call to ministry while at camp.


We’d love to hear your stories! Please share one of your favorite camp moments with us!