A Day at the Challenge Course

A day at the Glen Lake Challenge Course can consist of spending half a day or a full day with us on the course. The group has the opportunity to do low ropes, climbing wall, and zip line. Each activity can be scheduled individually or as a combination. Please specify when the group calls to make reservations.

Our Mission

The Challenge Course program is a holistic approach to realizing the potential within us, and to explore how to live more effectively in relation to others. In an effort to experientially move toward a fuller understanding of the idea of leadership, trust, responsibility, communication, roles, and teamwork, each individual will be encouraged to participate fully.

Our Goals

    • For participants to gain problem solving skills and understand conflict management
    • Allow participants to challenge their personal commitment and willingness to risk within the group
    • Expand the groups understanding and experience of what it means to work together as a group
    • Allow for leadership development and awareness of potential in ones self and others
    • For participants to develop relationships within the group appropriate to the groups purpose
    • Expand the groups decision making process and communication skills
    • To give opportunities to groups of all ages to practice the skills above by confronting real challenge
    • Allow the group to reflect upon their experience and how it applies to the group or them as an individual
    • Have fun

Here is a brief description of each activity to give you a better idea of what would be right for your group:

Low Ropes:

The low ropes course consists of a variety of ground level initiatives designed to bring a team together. All of the initiatives are concrete tasks that involve problem solving through teamwork. The tasks themselves, while fun and often challenging, aren’t as important as the process and outcome of what the group itself does. The interaction of the group, the process they use to solve the problem, and the final outcome, are all examined by the group after each initiative. What we believe at Glen Lake Challenge Course is that learning through experience is great, but unless you stop to reflect on that experience, you don’t gain anything from it. We reflect on what we do, so we can then take it and apply it to real life!

Picture low ropes
trust fall


Zip Line:

The zip line starts with the participant on the ground, where they then climb the stairs 35-40 feet in the air to the zip line platform. That is where they are hooked into the zip line and sent off to enjoy the ride! The challenges associated with the zip line are more individual ones, but there is still a place for encouragement, support from the group, and teamwork. Some of the challenges the individual will face, such as building confidence, risk taking, and over coming fears, can be addressed in a safe team environment that allows for growth and development within the group.

Zipline solo
zip line full
Zip line facilitators


Climbing Wall:

If your group isn’t up for the zip line, but would still like to add something extra to your day, we do have an indoor climbing wall that can be booked as a part of the challenge course program.

Interested in planning a ropes course day retreat? Contact us to schedule today!

climbing wall
climbing wall close up