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Glen Lake Legacies

Glen Lake had the distinct honor of visiting with some of our distinguished alumni, Richard and Joan Hunt. They visited Glen Lake Camp last week and jumped right into our festivities and even stopped to prune some landscaping around the Chapel. Richard and Joan shared stories of their early days at Glen Lake that began over 70 years ago! […]

The Best Gift of All

Scripture: I John 4:7-12 I saw my niece and nephew, on Lara’s side of the family, this Thanksgiving. They both were excited to inform me that they were registered to attend a camp session at Glen Lake Camp this coming summer. We talked about that some and all the wonderful experiences one can have at […]

Glen Lake Way

The Glen Lake Camp Experience

In her book “Almost Christian,” Dr. Kenda Creasy Dean explains that many times, the Church offers nothing more than a “Moralistic Therapeutic Deism” to teens. Such an offer is severely lacking in a culture that questions everyone and everything. As the Church we are entrusted with the sacred trust of teaching and leading people to […]

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