If you walk around Glen Lake Camp and Retreat Center, you can see fingerprints and not just imprints on the glass or unique pattern designs left in the dirt. For all those who visit and stay, you can see touches made by thousands of volunteers who love Glen Lake and have left a fingerprint of impact on facilities, programs and people for the past 76 years.

A volunteer group from First United Methodist Stephenville built a new pool house which holds and protects all the equipment used to run one of our favorite hotspots… the WATERPARK!


The staff at Glen Lake is very grateful to our volunteers and volunteer groups who elevate the definition to a magnificent level of dedication and sacrifice. Stepping onto the campus, you reach out and repair, you mend and nurture, and you inspire others to come aboard. This is the heart and message of Glen Lake and we are able to serve because you served first.

Our cabins look bold and bright with a fresh coat of paint! Thanks to our volunteers from FUMC Stephenville for the beautiful work.


There are many opportunities available to plug into Glen Lake’s volunteer program. Whether you or a group wants to improve the campus, serve as a summer camp or non-summer camp volunteer, or donate resources to assist us in serving and making disciples of Christ; your volunteering leaves an everlasting fingerprint of impact.

Please visit our VOLUNTEER page for more information on volunteering for Glen Lake Camp and Retreat Center. If you would like to contact us directly, please click on the email icon below.

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